Impeccable Quality

Ethical practices to provide outstanding quality of our products and services.


True Wellness

Products free of toxic chemicals and assured True Wellness

About Us

Veganboon is the prestigious in house brand of Shanta Impex Pvt Ltd. Veganboon is the brand of our Food venture, set up to meet the growing demands of crops like Rice, Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits and value added products like Dehydrated products, IQF (Individual Quick-Frozen) Frozen products etc.,

We adapted an integrated approach in cultivating, monitoring and selling our products to make the process efficient, transparent and as fair as possible through Contract Farming.


Speciality Produce

We also specialise in Organic food products.

Our Core Competency

Contract Farming

Cultivating, Packing and Supplying of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Processing fresh to Frozen Fruits and Vegetables (No artificial/synthetic preservatives)

Processing fresh to Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

Natural extraction of Pure and Natural Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil and Garlic Oil

Pulses, Cereals, Lentils and Spices