Shanta Impex Pvt. Ltd is an India based Organic Food company, set up to meet the growing demand for organically grown crop and fruit and on the idea of creating an efficient bridge between small farmers in india and buyers across the world seeking high quality organic food. We adopted an intergrated approach to procuring,monitoring and selling our products to make the process as efficient,transpatent and fair as possible.

All Shanta Impex Pvt. Ltd. products support health and True Wellness and are made with loving care. Each product is one link in a chain of connectedness between Mother Nature, our farmers and you. By choosing Shanta Impex Pvt. Ltd. you are completing this chain, actively participating in our mission to create a sustainable environment of True Wellness, providing training and a life of dignity to our farmers, and bringing health, happiness and True Wellness to you

Our Vision To be the most reliable supplier of organic products worldwide and also to promote sustainable farming methods among small and marginal farmers.

Our Mission Promoting Organic Farming over conventional farming. Maintaining transparency in dealing with customers and farmers. Upliftment of small and marginal farmers whether economical or social.